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Engineering Leadership for Any Project

  • Industrial process and machine control
    Control design | Network security analysis, configuration | Operator training, user manuals
  • Real-time embedded software
    24/365 uptime | Field deployment and upgrades | Digital design for custom I/O and communication
  • Automated testing in lab and production
    Fully configurable test applications | Logging and analytics using database or custom reports | Rapid prototyping and iteration | Fully customized rack equipment using NI PXI platform
  • Modern user interface
    Distributed controls | Multi-login operator/admin interfaces | Heavily customized LabVIEW applications | UIs in your web browser
  • Project leadership
    Engineering feedback into product lifecycle decisions | Value-focused project management | Requirements gathering, design specification

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texas state graphicWe are an Austin, TX software consultancy and system integrator. We have over 10 years’ experience using National Instruments hardware to create automated testers, industrial process controls, and embedded dataloggers.